Happy = Better

It’s no secret that happy workers work harder.

The Guardian reports how research suggests that companies with happy employees could benefit from higher productivity levels.

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Dan McIvor

The founders of 37Signals (Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, Campfire) very clearly state in their book ‘Rework’ that people should stop work at 5pm and go home. The very concept of the workaholic or ‘doing an all nighter’ is talked about as a stupid scenario which hits productivity and creates more problems than solutions. We get things done quickly and to a high standard because we have somewhere else to be – sitting in the pub drinking local cider.

It’s this good life, having time to properly relax and think in lovely surroundings that gives us the inspiration and creativity that those big city agencies yearn

We are in the digital peninsular. We call it #digpen as it sounds rather cool.

We part of a bunch of highly networked people based in the South West of England who know, and love, their stuff.

Take no comfort in huge inner city agencies as they are slow, full of bureaucracy and have fancy offices which are paid for by you. We are small, agile and creative with a huge network of people with fresh approaches and good skills. It really is just common sense.

Happy people who enjoy life, love their jobs and take on projects which interest them. We also all genuinely give a damn about their client’s business investing time to understand the client in order to produce the best results.

Here at SwankyApple we actively support #digpen as we strongly believe that the South West is the best place for web professionals. It’s why we chose to base ourselves in the lovely city of Exeter.

It’s also the reason why we have such a huge network of trusted partners who we really enjoy working with. The #digpen community have access to an exhaustive list of skills and it’s a sign that you are in safe, creative and happy hands.

We’ve also gone one step further by being actively involved in the new Exeter Web Dev Meetup. The South West is not only known for having nice beaches, good cider and fresh air. We’re known for being friendly networking people too!

The big point here is that companies should not be looking at big city agencies and thinking “ah! They have lots of staff and a building made from glass. They must be good!” The fact of the matter is that big companies charge big bucks for work carried out by like minded individuals. They’ve hired staff who fit into their way of thinking and their company culture.

Web professionals in the South West think differently.

We like thinking differently. It’s this diversity and collaborative working with happy people that produces high quality creative work. We speak to people as individuals. We are down-to-earth and after all of the SEO, design, development and optimising wordpress is done we can be found at our local, by the sea, or on Dartmoor refreshing our creative juices for the next client who walks through our virtual doors.

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