Fixing the E-Commerce Checkout Pandemic

If you’re an online retailer, this really is your e-commerce website design nightmare…

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Dan Partridge

A potential customer has entered a search in Google, and found your company website on page 1 of the search engine results page. So far, so good.

They click through to your website, and find the exact product that they’re looking for. They’re happy with the product and the price, and so they add it to their shopping cart. So far, so good.

Then, disaster strikes.

Between adding the product to their shopping cart and completing the transaction, the checkout process breaks down and the potential customer leaves your website. It looked like it was in the bag, but the sale goes begging.

Statistics show that this is an all-too-common experience for online retailers. The e-commerce nightmare is a reality; 67% of online retail shopping carts are abandoned. That means that, in the UK, 2 in every 3 potential e-commerce sales are not completed.

Increasing E-Commerce Sales

This is a statistic that should haunt online retailers. You might wish to brush it off and claim that we now add products to our shopping carts without ever intending to purchase them, but it has to be said that if a potential customer has reached this stage and doesn’t complete the transaction, something in your e-commerce website design isn’t working properly. There is a bug that needs to be fixed.

Identifying the source of the problem is the real issue. When you’ve found it, fixing the issue should be a relatively easy process, particularly if your web designer is available to help. The study included this helpful diagram to explain the most common reasons why people abandon their shopping cart.

Improve your E-Commerce Checkout Success Rate

Incredibly, almost 40% of every potential online retail transaction in the UK fails because there are unexpected costs. In other words, simply addressing this issue means that for every 3 sales you make, an additional 2 can be achieved. The obvious way to do this is to ensure that postage and VAT costs are added to the advertised price. Whilst you might be reluctant to do this (ie the price won’t be as attractive) you’ll be more likely to hold onto the potential customers who are interested in your products.

Whilst the pricing of competitors can’t be helped, and it’s true that some people are just browsing, the number of checkout failures and website crashes is alarming. Ensuring that customers have a range of payment options at checkout and can easily edit or update their order is crucial. If something does go wrong, making sure that support (both email and telephone) are easily accessible will go a long way to helping disgruntled customer.

Hire an E-Commerce Specialist

If you’re agreeing with these principles but don’t know how to make these changes, you might need to hire a specialist e-commerce website design agency. We’re working extensively with Shopify to help our clients design and build better e-commerce websites.

If you’d like help with your online store or have any questions then we’d love to help you out.

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