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We’d be lying if we said that it didn’t make web designers a little nervous…

The time has arrived to hand over the beautifully crafted web design that’s had us sweating blood (literally) for weeks. We’ve worked hard to develop a website that fulfills the requirements of the client and that we think looks jolly fine.

However, we’re nervous. Not because we’re worried that the client won’t be happy with the site – far from it – but because website designers desperately want their clients to be able to take the web design that they’ve crafted and make it their own.

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Dan Partridge

The painful reality is that if a web designer fails to equip their client to handle and improve the website themselves then the website design is in danger of failing to fulfil its purposes.

This is why the choice of Content Management System (CMS) is so important. The CMS is a bit like the CNS of the website, controlling the behavior and performance of the site itself. It’s where changes are made, pages can be added and removed and content updated. The CMS needs to be sufficiently powerful to allow for complex web design solutions to be implemented, but intuitive enough that anybody can keep the website up to date.

We point many of our clients in the direction of WordPress. This enormously popular CMS is responsible for around 15% of the top 1 million websites in the world, and 1 in 4 new websites are built with WordPress. Whilst some of our clients have more complex requirements, we’ve found that WordPress is ideally suited to many of our web design projects.

So, here’s the question: why is WordPress such an effective CMS, and why do we reckon that we’re Exeter’s WordPress Wizards?


The huge appeal of WordPress is due in part to its versatility as a platform. It’s open-source, which means that thousands of developers have contributed to making it brilliantly effective. There are numerous free plugins to help you get your website doing exactly what you want it to, and if we can’t help you find one that does the trick then we’ll build one for you. With such a large community of web designers contributing their knowledge and skills, there aren’t many things that WordPress can’t do.


WordPress is remarkably easy to use. It’s well-known as a blogging platform, and many of the features that bloggers use (adding and editing content, photos and videos) are also a significant part of website maintenance. Using WordPress as a CMS allows us to give clients the ability to add/remove pages and make fairly significant changes to their web design, safe in the knowledge that if they host their website with us we’ll be able to keep a backup of the site and help make any changes that are proving a little tricky…

It’s Bullet Future-Proof

Its open-source nature means that WordPress is always being improved and updated. This means that the latest changes are easily accessible to every user in the community. Furthermore, if you want to upgrade or redesign your website we’ll be able to quickly and easily transfer existing content and functionality to the new site.

We’re really quite good at it

We’ve found that WordPress is an ideal CMS for many of our clients, and we’re experienced at training our clients to get the most out of their CMS. We can help you develop a stonking SEO strategy. We’ve also specially-configured our hosting for WordPress to increase the speed and load times of our clients’ websites.

To find out more about working with Exeter’s WordPress Wizards on your next website design project why not contact us and find out how we can help you…

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