Affordable Web Design in Exeter

As a website design agency we have various strings to our bow.

We’re expert developers with both Wordpress and Shopify, with a large percentage of our work coming from E-Commerce clients.

However, as a Devon company we’re also committed to providing affordable web design in Exeter for other local businesses.

Written By
Dan Partridge

We have huge empathy for both start-ups and SMEs. We appreciate that there are various financial pressures on fledgling businesses, particularly when you’re being quoted prices that make your eyes water.

Whilst we’re very much geared towards international businesses – we’ve recently worked with clients in the USA, Canada and Germanythere are two primary reasons why we want to provide affordable web design in Exeter.

1. Website Design Should be Affordable

It goes without saying that some business websites are very good and some are very bad. Whilst we’re never going to eradicate dodgy websites altogether, we’d hate to think that local businesses are unable to improve their website design because of the prohibitive costs involved.

There are, of course, various ways of producing very cheap websites, including outsourcing it to unknown agencies or buying a basic website package/template yourself. However, this isn’t a solution either; it simply increases the number of bad websites, fails to take into consideration hidden costs and usually results in greater expense further down the road.

We believe that every Exeter business should be able to have a website that will help it grow. This means a quality service at a reasonable price.

2. Relationships Matter

There are two kinds of “expensive” web design agencies. The first are expensive for a reason; they are building world-class websites for multinational corporations under extreme pressures. We think that those guys probably deserve their crust. The second, however, are agencies with an unrealistic view of the financial realities facing local business.

We’re interested in developing long-term relationships with our clients. This is very much in the best interests of everybody involved. By helping fledgling businesses to get their website up and running we increase the likelihood that they’ll come back to us in 3 years time when profits are on the up and they need to replace their website. We also ensure that our clients get continued value for money by fixing long-term hosting/maintenance agreements and being able to make updates and changes without having to waste time familiarising ourselves with the CMS, design etc.

Ultimately, in business we all need friends that we can trust. We hope that by offering affordable web design in Exeter we’ll be helping companies in our region to flourish.

So… if you’re looking for affordable web design in Exeter, please don’t hesitate to contact us and see how we can help.

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