Affordable Web Design in Exeter: A Guide to Hiring Local Web Designers

If you’re looking for affordable web design solutions in Exeter we imagine that there will be a number of considerations working their way around your head.

With so many different companies offering affordable websites, not to mention those exasperating pop-up banners that promise you the best website in the world for £49 (they’re lying) choosing a web design company can seem like a thankless task.

Written By
Dan McIvor

When it comes to affordable websites, there are two obvious traps that you are in danger of falling into:

The first is being lured into the false premise that choosing the cheapest website in town is a good idea; those old mantras about getting what you pay for, peanuts & monkeys aren’t mantras for nothing.

The second, slightly less obvious pitfall occurs when you choose a perfectly respectable web design company whose affordable website solutions suddenly end up costing far more than you had anticipated, thus rendering them very much not affordable.

As an Exeter web design company, we think that it’s only fair to voice our equally vehement dislike of both of these outcomes. We don’t have much to say about cheap, nasty websites that cause local businesses more harm than good.

The second pitfall, however, is one that is much more common than you might expect. It has significant implications for both the client and the web designer, because hard working web design agencies care very much about producing websites and website design services that their clients absolutely love.

The problem usually arises either because the initial consultation is insufficiently detailed or because of disagreement over the financial implications of an increasingly complex website design that is developed and improved over a period of weeks. Much like those solicitors fees that we all find ourselves reluctantly paying, web developers tend to work by the hour, meaning that every hour spent carefully honing a client’s website needs to be accounted for. Needless to say, significant deviations from the initial consultation will inevitably result in the possibility of increased costs.

If you’re looking for affordable website design in Exeter that won’t end up costing the earth, here are 4 top tips from a bunch of good natured web designers who really do want other local businesses to have great websites that they can be proud of:

 1. Research

Those hours spent looking at your competitors’ websites are certainly not wasted. Working out exactly what you do and don’t want before your web designer gets to work will save time, energy and ultimately money.

2. Relationship

You’ll probably be spending quite a bit of time contacting your web developer whilst your new website is being built, so finding a web design agency that you really get along with is a huge priority. Work hard to find a web designer that you like, understand and feel comfortable emailing and speaking to on the phone.

3. Realism

Being realistic about your budget and expectations will make an affordable website that much more achievable. Much as we’d love to build you a Google/Facebook/BBC News replica for £300, it’s simply not going to be possible.

4. Respect

This is a huge one. It’s clearly vital that the web designer listens to and prioritises the preferences of the client. However, it’s equally important that the client respects and embraces the skills, experience and preferences of the web developer. After all, it’s their professional reputation on the line, and by working in the web design company’s sweet spot you’ll be getting maximum value for money. If your research is thorough, relationship is good and goals are realistic, giving your website designer room to breathe is a great way to achieve an affordable website that everybody is happy with.

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